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Recruiting and employee sourcing is a challenging and competitive environment. How do you find talent through the various online and offline tools available. How do you attract the right candidates for a position that has a small pool of opportunity? Our courses on recruiting help you find the employee talent you are looking for.

Recruiting education advantage

Lorman Education Services offers a large selection of recruiter training courses and resources for organizations and individual recruiters who desire a strong competitive recruiting advantage.

Top Faculty with Recruiting Experience

Learning from the best is what Lorman prides its products on. Faculty experience in the industry and in the topics they teach is not just a need, but a requirement. Lorman faculty members are some of the best in the industry with years of in the field experience

Courses and products built for Recruiters

Lorman's recruiter training courses, ondemand webinars, video's and slide-decks support continuing education and promote growth and change in recruiting practices. Don't just learn the basics, expand your knowledge base by deploying proven recruitment best practices.

Turn Any Course into In-house Training

Tailor any Lorman recruitment course into a convenient, in-house training program. Fulfill your organization’s educational needs by bringing your recruitment training onsite. Taking advantage of an in-house training program allows you the flexibility to decide what and when you want to learn.

Training and Educating Since 1987

Lorman has been teaching business professionals since 1987. Being a leader in the industry means that you change to what the customer wants and Lorman has done this time and time again. With continuing education changing over time, Lorman has sacrifices time and hours on making sure customers like you get the most up to date training materials in the most up to date training technology available.

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