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Across all industries, recruitment is one of the most important hallmarks of success. Talent can determine whether an organization succeeds, so recruiting and hiring professionals have a crucial role to play in finding, hiring and retaining the best candidates. Since it can be challenging to find the right candidates and determine which job applicants are the best fit, recruitment training seminars are essential for recruitment managers, HR professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, recruitment professionals and other decisions-makers.

Lorman Education Services is a leading training provider for HR and recruitment professionals, as well as professionals across a variety of other industries. Top HR and recruitment professionals design our online recruitment training seminars and training courses for busy professionals, so you know our material is always accurate and updated. And since we offer flexible online training, it’s easy to adapt our training to your needs and schedule.

Why Is Recruitment Training Important Today?

Recruitment has become increasingly complex in today’s business environment. There are a variety of federal and state laws, including anti-discrimination laws and other requirements, which organizations and recruiters need to meet. Even job ad postings have to meet certain requirements. In addition, organizations may be hiring contract workers, international workers, remote employees and other non-traditional types of talent, so they must stay compliant with all the rules surrounding these types of hires, as well.

Even finding the right employees can be a challenge. Job ads can result in form applications or even bot applications. Recruiters may need to turn to the hidden job market and learn how to approach college near-graduates to find the largest applicant pool possible. Training from Lorman Education Services will teach you how to find, hire, screen, retain, train and onboard the candidates most likely to help an organization succeed.

Training and the Lorman Education Services Advantage

If you need recruitment training, turn to Lorman Education Services, trusted by more than 1.4 million professionals and some of the biggest global companies for their training needs. Leaders in the HR and recruitment industry develop all our training modules, which we update all the time, so you can always find new, relevant titles to study.

In addition, our training is available in a variety of formats, including:

No matter how you prefer to study, you can find a format in our library to suit your needs. Anywhere you have a device, computer, phone or tablet with Internet connection, you can be studying. With Lorman Education, you don’t have to carve out time for travel to classrooms. You can also adapt your training to your study needs, focusing in on those subjects you really need or want to learn.

Our All-Access Pass gives you unlimited training for one low price for a full year — purchase one today to save money and get the most flexible training option possible. Or, purchase an individual training title for a quick brush-up on your skills. For on-site and custom training, contact us to talk more about your specific needs.

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