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Recruitment training helps you bring the best talent to your company

Recruitment professionals play a crucial role in today’s businesses: Uncovering the best talent for a company’s long-term success. With increasingly complex laws surrounding discrimination and hiring practices, recruitment managers and other professionals are instrumental in keeping companies compliant during the recruitment, hiring, screening and boarding process. Recruitment training arms professionals with the best practices and knowledge they need to be effective at finding and attracting the right candidates.

Lorman Education Services specializes in professional training and recruiter training. More than 1.4 million professionals have turned to us for our online training and on-site options. Our online options come in a variety of formats, including audio, live training, case studies, articles, visual materials and others designed to reinforce what you learn. Our online training is available for you at any time and can be accessed wherever you are, so you can study as much or as little as you wish.

Why Recruitment Training Online?

For busy professionals, classroom training is not always a viable solution. Traveling to sit in a classroom during business hours can detract needed time from your professional life. In addition, classroom learning is sometimes rigidly structured, so you may be learning subjects you already know, or some that aren’t relevant to your practice.

Lorman Education Services has created online training that addresses all these concerns. Our training is always being updated, requires no commute time and allows you to study at your own pace, on your own time.

Online training also allows you to focus on those specific subjects you want to study, such as:

Professional Training With Lorman Education Services

Lorman Education Services has several training options in these topics. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from on demand training, videos, audio books, case studies, white papers, articles, slide decks and other types of materials.

Our courses range from online training to in-house, customized options. Our online training is highly flexible, allowing you to master recruitment best practices and methods at your own pace. Any time you have an Internet connection and spare time, you can be studying with Lorman Education Services. Some of the biggest companies and most successful professionals already turn to us for their professional training needs — shouldn’t you?

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