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We offer live seminars, OnDemand and online records management training to help you work more effectively.

Records management is an increasingly important — and increasingly complex — task. State and federal privacy laws all impact how you work, while the threat of a security breach adds a level of complication when working in online or cloud-based systems. Integrating best practices into your workflow is the best way to meet your compliance requirements, minimize risk and streamline administrative tasks.

To help you work more effectively, Lorman Education Services offers a variety of online records management training courses. Our programming is designed to provide value and insights for all professionals. Check out our catalog and sign up for a course today.

Who Can Benefit

All businesses keep records and most today handle them electronically. Privacy, confidentiality and intellectual property concerns will all affect how records are stored and accessed. Records management training can be useful for:

Whatever your concerns, you'll find relevant programming at Lorman Education Services. We design our training for professionals at all stages of their careers, whether you’re a recent grad trying to manage the demands of a new work environment, or you are more established and looking for tools to stay on top of changing regulations and technology.

Training Options

At Lorman Education Services, we understand that taking time for training can be a challenge for today’s busy professionals. Our training is accessible and works around your schedule, with no need to travel or purchase expensive hardware to attend remotely.

Take part in our live training programs using any computer or mobile device. We host dozens of live events every month and routinely include records management training in our programming. Alternately, browse our catalog of more than 12,000 OnDemand programs that can be downloaded or streamed at any time.

Courses which may be of interest include “Implementing a Records Retention Program” and “Medical Record Retention and Destruction.” Use the search function to explore all available programming or sign up for our mailing list for the latest updates.

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Since 1987, Lorman Education Services has been providing distance learning for demanding professionals in all fields. Our training programs build on your existing knowledge and experience to help you better understand the developments that affect the way you work.

Our records management training programs are developed and led by legal, administrative and healthcare professionals. We work exclusively with knowledgeable instructors who can bring genuine insight to our courses. See for yourself by signing up for a class today.

Individual programs start at $99, though we also offer an All-Access Pass that provides you with an unlimited number of training opportunities for a 12-month period. To learn more, get in touch with our customer response team today.

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