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Real estate developers require a unique and varied skill set, and real estate development training can be important in advancing in this career. Developers obtain land, get it ready for development and oversee construction. Since developers are often self-employed, they need to understand legal issues, financial concepts, land laws and best practices and more. They may need to be able to effectively mange projects, handle multiple properties at the same time, take part in public hearings and more.

Lorman Education Services understands real estate development training requires a nuanced and diverse skill set. It's why our training solutions cover all the major subject areas real estate developers may need to understand. Lorman Education Services are updated frequently, and new course materials are released all the time. In addition, Lorman Education Services training is developed by some of the best minds in the industry, ensuring you are learning from those who are already successful in your field.

Online Real Estate Development Training

Since land developers tend to travel often, online training makes a lot of sense. Online training from Lorman Education Services is available in a variety of formats, including:

With online training, you get to choose the pace and formats that work best for you. You can study from any mobile device or computer on your own time. Whether you are waiting for a meeting to start or you’re traveling to a construction site, every spare moment becomes a potential learning opportunity. If you have hours to devote one week and just minutes to spare another week, online training allows you to get comprehensive training with the time you do have and can be easily adapted to a changing schedule.

Online training allows you to focus on career development and can also help you seek certification and credentials. Land developers may wish to secure a real estate license or Realtors Land Institute's Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) credential, although these are not requirements of the job. Since real estate licenses require ongoing education, online training can be one way to secure this required work. Training can also build skills and can be used to search for new opportunities in the field as well as making developers more efficient in their current position.

Training With Lorman Education Services

Lorman Education Services offers online training for real estate development professionals as well as on-site training and custom training. To get started, sign up for an All Access Pass to get one full year of no-holds-barred access to all training materials. You’ll be able to access thousands of materials related to a variety of relevant subjects, and you’ll also have instant access to newly released training as it becomes available. You can also contact Lorman Education Services to set custom training or on-site training for you or your entire team. Either way, you can start today to hone your skills set and start enjoying new opportunities.

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