Public Works Inspector Training Online public works inspector training can hone your leadership skills so you can effectively manage and inspect a variety of projects

Public works infrastructure projects are designed to benefit the community. Professionals involved on these projects can include engineers, planners, managers, supervisors, contractors and other professionals who must answer to the government and must adhere to current complex laws concerning federally-funded and tax-funded projects. Training helps these professionals stay compliant, helps them get the continuing education credits they may seek for professional recertification and helps them realize new job opportunities. Public works inspector training, specifically, is concerned with ensuring those in leadership and decision-making positions have the skills needed to get the job done.

For more than 30 years, Lorman Education Services has been a leading provider of professional training, including online public works inspector training. Our on-site services can be found at some of the largest companies around the country. In addition, more than 1.4 million professionals have chosen us for their professional development, continuing education and professional training needs. What makes Lorman Education Services different? We offer accurate, timely and actionable training in concise formats. With us, you can start applying what you learn to your public works project immediately. We also offer highly flexible training, so you can study with interactive training, ebooks, case studies or whatever format you like. Since our resources are available 24/7 and are accessible anywhere you have access to the Internet, we make it simpler to fit training into your busy schedule.

Understanding Public Works Training

Public works training can help a number of professionals gain valuable skills and preparation for projects. Training can be beneficial for:

Anyone who is involved in public works may benefit from learning about pre-contract processes, project communications, current laws impacting public works, documentations, payments, schedules and more. Training helps professionals learn how to avoid common errors and sources of conflict and helps prepare professionals for job opportunities and certification examinations. Training can also show professionals how to conduct tests, take samples, read drawings and blueprints. It helps professionals understand their duties and the best practices designed to help them become more efficient.

For inspectors, training can build skills such as decision-making and leadership as well as communications. It keeps inspectors aware of current best practices and legislative changes, so inspectors know what to look for during inspections.

Training, Starting Today

Lorman Education Services understands that professional training doesn’t always happen on classroom hours. We offer live and on-demand training options, case studies, articles, audio books, white papers and other materials you can access around the clock. You can customize and build your own curriculum, based on your training needs, professional goals and schedule.

We even help you keep your costs under control. You can purchase individual training programs or an All-Access Pass membership plan, which gives you unlimited training hours in our resource library. For organizations and individuals, we also offer on-site and customized training solutions. You can learn more about these options by contacting Lorman Education Services today.

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