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Richard Farrell

President at Tangent Knowledge Systems
Chicago, Illinois
Richard is the President of Tangent Knowledge Systems. Today in his role of president of Tangent Knowledge Systems, he continues to actively sell, prospect and manage client relationships in addition to the high performance training and development program he personally conducts. Richard is responsible for sales and business development for nearly 25 years, he brings a tremendous depth of experience and results to his audiences. Richard stresses a nonselling posture that allows the sales person to play the role of a change agent rather than a product-centric transactional sales person. He has worked with a range of companies from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups in helping them optimize their performance by assessing their sales people, sales processes, management structure and strategies. Richard has helped identify performance gaps and provided sales plans to help track, measure and execute objectives to increase the company’s bottom line

About Me

What services do you provide?
We promote a neutral, nonselling posture that requires the salesperson to have a deep and thorough understanding of the customer's business, problems and compelling reasons to change.
Our step-by-step change acceleration process has the salesperson asking thought-provoking questions that allow the customer the independence and freedom to make their own decisions and draw their own conclusions, independent of the salesperson's personal agenda. Because this discovery process empowers and honors the customer, it is a natural way to build trust, rapport and relationships

The change acceleration process allows sales organizations to maximize their leverage of time, resources and information to quickly identify where they have the highest probability of success and greatest return on investment.
What topics have you lectured or presented on?
Richard delivers a content rich, "PowerPointless," fast-paced and extremely interactive (gets out and engages the audience for questions, answers, examples and role-playing). The delivery style is authentic, self-deprecating, entertaining and real world with a problem solution orientation. Audience participants should be prepared to be respectfully challenged and to think outside the box


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National Speaker Association (NSA) Member


School Degree Graduation Year
Miami University B.S. Speech Communications 1982

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Tangent Knowledge Systems

2907 N Pine Grove Ave
Chicago, IL 60657