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Donna Baylor

President and CEO at Donna Baylor
Collinsville, Illinois
Donna Baylor is the President and CEO of Transition Seminars, Inc. Her specialties include real-world workshops, seminars and coaching programs that create results in real-world situations. Donna has more than 20 years of experience as national and international corporate trainer (taught in all 50 States, Japan, England, Puerto Rico, & Virgin Islands). She is a member of local Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Chamber of Commerce and American Business Women Association. She has worked with the Department of Labor training civilian job hunting skills to men and women leaving the military.

About Me

How does your service stand out?
In the 20+ years that I've been teaching, I have presented to audiences in all 50 states, Puerto Rico,the United Kingdom, the US Virgin Islands and Japan. I approach life with a sense of awe and possibility that has been called 'infectious'. I have a gift for seeing the potential in the seemingly impossible and for drawing out exceptional contributions from those I mentor, coach and train.
What topics have you lectured or presented on?
I have conducted thousands of workshops in areas of personal growth, customer service, management and high-powered communication.


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Donna Baylor

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