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Daniel O'Connor

President at Power Diversity, LLC
Fargo, North Dakota
Dan O'Connor is the Owner of Power Diversity, LLC,, and, specializing in communication, customer service, and dealing with difficult people communication skills training. He focuses on delivering scripts, tactics, power phrases, and tools that attendees can immediately use to become more powerful, positive, effective communicators. Dan is a writer of many popular communication books and resources, including his latest top-sellers, Say This - NOT THAT!!, and Energy Vampire Slaying:101. He has more than 15 years of experience speaking, consulting, training, and lecturing. Dan has hundreds of satisfied companies that have worked with him to improve customer service and improve communication at work.

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Say This Not That, The Original(Link)
Available on
This is THE ORIGINAL Say This--Not That Book! Description: Have you ever had one of those “I wish I hadn’t just said that!” moments? In “Say This, Not That,” expert communication trainer Dan O’Connor gives you the words and phrases you can use to effortlessly hit your communication target every time. With “Say This, Not That,” you can skip right to the punch and learn the danger phrases to avoid—the ones that are sabotaging your message, and the power phrases to use—the ones that will enable you to deliver your message with clarity and effectiveness—the ones that will move you to a new communication level and put you in the category of savvy communicator. No more skimming through pages to find what you’re looking for--every page has useful tools you’ll be able to apply immediately, and examples of each phrase in use. Furthermore, this program comes complete with quick-reference reminder cards you can have at-the-ready, so you can really make these techniques your own—not just for one enthusiastic moment, but forever! What will you find in Say This Not That?
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Fluent in both Spanish and English, with over 15 years experience as an international trainer and educator, Dan O’Connor delivers communication and diversity programs designed to assist people to function at their highest social/psychological levels. Having witnessed the business problems caused by office energy vampires, obnoxious bullies, ill-prepared employees attempting to deal with customer service issues, personnel suffering from low self-esteem, subordinates and supervisors constantly struggling for words, Dan began developing tactical training programs that went beyond theory, to scripts, phrases, and memory techniques that help resolve these issues. The result? Offices with fewer problems, higher production, and more money on the bottom line. Dan has trained audiences throughout the United States and Mexico in a dynamic fashion, and a style that is not only intensely entertaining, but highly effective. In preparation for launching his career as communication trainer and consultant, Dan taught business courses at the University of Guadalajara Autonoma in Mexico, served as international sales manager for Mayan Island Real Estate in Mexico, and was an investment banker with Equico Securities in the United States. His broad business experience has equipped him with the insight critical to meaningful seminar presentations and online videos, audios, and written materials.


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Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara Bachelor's degree, Educational Psychology 1997

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Power Diversity, LLC

3645 20th St S
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