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Mari S. Truman, P.E.

Biomedical Engineer at OrthoBioMech LLC
Warsaw, Indiana
Mari S. Truman is a Principal engineer, OrthoBioMech LLC, also affiliated with Robson Forensic, Inc. She is an injury biomechanics and medical device expert. Mari is active in new product design and development of orthopedic medical devices in the area of human joint reconstruction, spine and trauma reconstruction. Her experience also includes directing, analyzing and performing laboratory evaluation of performance characteristics for orthopedic implant and instrumentation systems, and impact testing of the thoracic spine.
Mari frequently conducts seminars and workshops related to injury biomechanics and medical devices such as: Soft Tissue Injuries in Low Speed Motor Vehicle Collisions; Biomechanics Review of Injury Claims; Successful Resolution of Medical Equipment and Medical Malpractice Claims; Evidence Pitfalls, Injury Biomechanics & Medical Devices; Rebutting Seatbelt Defense; Motor Vehicle Collision Injuries.
She has 32+ years of practice, numerous continuing education courses in the fields of orthopaedics, and routine attendance at orthopaedic, biomechanics, and injury biomechanics symposiums. Mari is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, International Society of Biomechanics, Orthopedic Research Society, North American Spine Society, American Society for Testing and Materials International, National Society of Professional Engineers; Orthopedic Research Society, and Society of Automotive Engineers, among others
Mari holds an M.S. degree in mechanical engineering, University of Illinois; B.S.E. degree in biomedical engineering, The Catholic University of America.

About Me

How many years of experience do you have in your field?
I have 32+ years of experience in musculoskeletal mechanics and orthopaedic device product development. While working for and with the major US Orthopaedic companies, I designed numerous instruments and implants for repair of skeletal injury. Mari founded/ran ArthroMotion (1993-1997) and Seabrook International LLC's Midwest Design Center (1999-2002).
What do some of your past projects include?
My past project experience includes: 1) Total and Hemi Joint resurfacing systems: Hip, Knee, Wrist, Ankle, Hand/Toe, CMC, PIP, DIP, Shoulder. 2) Trauma Systems: Plates, specialty screws, intramedullary nails, wires, cables, external fixation systems, spinal fusion systems. 3) Soft tissue reattachment systems.


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Association Position
Orthopedic Research Society Member
American Society for Testing and Materials International Member
North American Spine Society Member
International Society of Biomechanics Member
American Society of Mechanical Engineers Member
American College of Sports Medicine Member
Orthopedic Research Society Member
National Society of Professional Engineers Member


School Degree Graduation Year
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign M.S. 2012
The Catholic University of America B.A. 1980

Contact Information

OrthoBioMech LLC

221 N Union St
Warsaw, IN 46580