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Alex Ownejazayeri

Director of Growth at Flurry
Salt Lake City, Utah
Alex studied Genetics and Biotechnology at BYU Provo until he realized life at a lab bench was not for him. However, it wasn't until mentor and CTO of BlitzMetrics, Dennis Yu, revealed the possibilities in Digital and Social Media Marketing that he decided to leave school to pursue life as an entrepreneur.

Backed by scientific method and raw passion for the trade, he started his career in digital with goals to help other college students dive into marketing and entrepreneurship. To take ownership of their futures.That being said...if he's not tuning ad campaigns or helping his colleagues, he's probably out in the Wasatch mountains of Utah doing something scenic and border-line wreckless. If not that, he's cooking delicious food for his friends and playing music.


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School Degree Graduation Year
BYU Genetics/Biotechnology 2020

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7th Avenue
Salt Lake City, UT 84103