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Prevailing wages are the overtime, hourly wages and benefits paid to workers, mechanics and laborers. They are part of many public works projects. Prevailing wages are created by the Department of Labor and Industries and vary widely by state and region. Each county has different prevailing wages, which are a reflection of local economic and labor conditions. Any organization or individuals involved in public works projects needs to understand prevailing wages to avoid claims, liability and penalties.

Lorman Education Services offers prevailing wage training to help you get the facts about prevailing wage laws. Our training is accessible online from any computer, laptop, phone or mobile device with an internet connection. Our flexible online training allows you to study prevailing wage laws and related topics in your region so you get the most up-to-date information about current wage conditions and legislation. You also get the practical advice you need to establish fair and correct wages for every project.

Why Get Online Prevailing Wage Training?

Prevailing wage laws are designed to help public works projects be clear and consistent about wages, overtime and benefits. Unfortunately, prevailing wage laws can be confusing and can lead to unintentional violations. It can be difficult to determine the prevailing wage, establish what paperwork you need in public works projects and figure out the best practices to avoid complaints and liability.

Prevailing wage law training gives you the practical support you need to comply fully with wage laws. You can also use training to learn how to avoid the most common mistakes made with prevailing wage statutes. Project managers, attorneys, construction managers, compliance officers, contractors, engineers, HR professionals, controllers, HR professionals and others can benefit from this training. Anyone involved in hiring, wages or operations can glean a stronger understanding of how prevailing wage compliance rules can affect their organization.

Training With Lorman Education Services

Fortunately, Lorman Education Services makes the right training very accessible. Our training is online based, allowing you to access it from your workplace, from the field or from your home. Anywhere you have internet connection and a few extra minutes, you can learn more about wages and prevailing wages. In addition, Lorman Education Services offers training in a variety of formats, including e-books, audio books, visual materials, on-demand training, live training, articles, white papers, case studies and more. This makes it easy to study the way that is most convenient for you. With these options, you can customize training to your schedule, best learning practices and preferences.

Lorman Education Services even makes membership and training options flexible. You can access individual online training resources as needed. You can also sign up for an All Access Pass, a yearly membership with access to our entire resource library for one full year at one flat fee. Lorman Education Services is also pleased to offer on-site and personalized training solutions as well. Contact us to learn about these custom options or sign up for an All Access Pass or individual resources for instant access to actionable training materials designed to make a difference on your project.

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