Prevailing Wage Training Seminars

Online prevailing wage training seminars are a flexible way to learn about current statutes affecting your public works projects

On all public works projects, prevailing wage is a necessary requirement. On any public works project, you need to ensure that you stay compliant with all relevant laws by offering the prevailing wage in hourly wages, overtime and benefits to all workers affected by this legislation. Unfortunately, compliance isn't always so simple. Complex legal issues, exceptions and ever-changing laws can make prevailing wage regulations challenging to understand.

Lorman Education Services offers online and highly customizable training and online prevailing wage training seminars to give you the practical, actionable skills you need to ensure compliance and avoid liability by ensuring you adhere to current wage laws. Our training is designed to work around your schedule, meaning your training allows you access 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any location where you have internet access and a computer or mobile device. Whether you're traveling, on-site or at home, our flexible training solutions allow you to study and learn.

What You Can Learn From Prevailing Wage Training Seminars

In prevailing wage training, you'll learn the fundamentals you need to adhere to prevailing wage laws. You will learn:

The prevailing wage regulations you need to follow can change based on the funding, location, workers and specific situations involved in your public works project. Not all workers are covered by prevailing wage statutes, and compliance can depend on what types of funds are used, the type of project involved and other factors. Training can help you understand what steps you need to take to stay compliant.

Practical, Customizable Training Solutions From Lorman Education Services

Succeeding in any public works project involves knowing how to properly navigate prevailing wage laws. Lorman Education Services makes it simpler to get a comprehensive understanding of the statutes and regulations relevant to you by allowing you to study on your own time. Since everyone studies differently, we make a variety of formats available. You can study through:

With Lorman Education Services, you also learn from some of the brightest minds in the industry, including professionals with years of experience on public works projects. This ensures you learn from people who have the hands-on expertise you need to navigate this area of law and compliance.

Lorman Education Services even makes it simple to choose the right training for you. Sign up today for an individual training module or sign up for All Access Pass for unlimited full-year access at one flat fee. If you need more robust or specific help, contact us to learn about our on-site and custom training options.

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