Prevailing Wage Law Training

Online prevailing wage law training gives you a flexible way to study to ensure public works project compliance

If you're involved in any public works project as a manager, compliance officer, attorney, contractor, owner, president or any other professional, you need to ensure that your organization is adhering to all relevant prevailing wage laws. Unfortunately, prevailing wage laws change regularly and vary from state to state and from region to region, making compliance a challenge, especially across state lines or across counties. Violating prevailing wage laws can result in significant fines, costly legislation and penalties that can impact the success of your public works project.

Lorman Education Services can help you get the training you need in highly flexible formats. We offer online prevailing wage law training in formats such as live training, on-demand training, visual materials, articles, audio books, case studies and more. You can study the way you prefer to study from any location where you have a mobile device or computer with internet access. Gain access to training materials 24 hours a day, seven days a week so you can always learn more about prevailing wage laws in order to stay fully compliant.

Who Needs Prevailing Wage Law Training?

Prevailing wage training can be important for:

Why Take Prevailing Wage Training?

This type of training is important to understand the rules regarding prevailing wages and benefits. These regulations can be intricate and frequently change, so training is needed to understand the current laws. The guidelines surrounding the determination of wages and compliance issues is also complex, and training can help you understand what you need to do in order to stay compliant. Training can also help you stay compliant with your labor compliance programs and can give you the practical advice you need to avoid litigation and penalties resulting from unintentional violations of the current statutes. Training further allows you to set up the best practices to avoid penalties and enforcement.

When trying to adhere to prevailing wage laws, it’s not uncommon to have questions. Which workers are impacted by these laws? How do prevailing wage laws affect projects involving federal funds? What paperwork do I need? Strong training answers these and other questions so you can move towards successful completion of your public works project with confidence.

The Training Difference With Lorman Education Services

Lorman Education Services helps you get the actual, practical information you need about prevailing wage laws. You'll learn about laws in different regions, compliance issues, exceptions, best practices and more. You'll have the tools you need to be fully compliant and to serve your organization and your employees or contractors more fully. Lorman Education Services offers an All Access Pass so you can study as little or as much as you want for one year at one budget-friendly flat fee. We also offer on-site and in-person training. Finally, Lorman Education Services allows you to purchase resources individually, one single module at a time. Purchase yours today to ensure compliance on your next public works project.

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