Prevailing Wage Compliance Training

Online prevailing wage compliance training is a flexible way to learn the compliance issues you need to master for your next public works project

In public works projects, including repair work, construction, demolition and other projects, prevailing wage laws can affect what contractors, subcontractors and others must earn in terms of hourly wages, overtime and benefits. Prevailing wage regulations change from region to region and state to state, and they change regularly as they are updated. Compliance regulations for these statutes can be quite complex, leading to some confusion about which wages need to be paid and how benefits need to pay.

Lorman Education Services offers highly flexible online prevailing wage compliance training to help you understand the laws and the best practices you need to implement at your organization. Our training allows you to study on your own time from any location where you have internet access through a laptop, computer or mobile device. We ensure your training is highly flexible so you don’t have to travel to study and you get to choose the subjects you want to learn about. No more sitting through long lectures about subjects you already know. With us, you can hone in on the training you need for your current public works project.

What Does Prevailing Wage Compliance Training Cover?

There many things you may learn in training, including:

Training Solutions From Lorman Education Services

Lorman Education Services works with you to help you get the most effective training possible. We only work with the best and brightest minds in the industry when creating our training materials. Those who develop our educational resources are among the best in their fields, ensuring you are learning from experienced and knowledgeable professionals with hands-on expertise in this field.

Lorman Education Services also understands how challenging schedules for public works project administrators and other professionals can be. Our training is specifically designed to fit around your lifestyle and your work schedule, ensuring you can train at any time and in any place. You can study for longer periods of blocked-off time or in between meetings and projects. With us, it’s up to you.

To sign up for training, purchase individual training modules or sign up for an All Access Pass for a full year of training at one flat fee. If you need to train your entire organization or team, Lorman Education Services also offers on-site and personalized solutions. Sign up for training to start learning today or contact Lorman Education Services for alternative training solutions.

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