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Police officer training encompasses many subject areas, from driving to weapon handling to interpersonal communication to emergency situations to information technology and more. Police academies do an admirable job of ensuring police officers are ready for the first day on the job.

However, police work and law enforcement are always changing. Best practices evolve as new information for mental health, emergencies, and weapons is developed. New weapons, new ideas about law enforcement and new laws mean police officers need to continue training in order to stay at the top of the changes affecting their jobs. In addition, states require ongoing education for weapons handling and certification.

Lorman Education Services believes police officers already do an admirable job and deserve support. It's why Lorman Education Services offers a range of training options for police officers and law enforcement. For example, the Lorman Education Services All-Access Pass allows law enforcement officials to secure a full year of training materials for one fixed price. This access includes current materials and materials that will be released over the year.

Police officers can choose the subjects most relevant to them and absorb as much information as they need. Lorman Education Services also offers shorter memberships as well as other training options for maximum flexibility.

Why Online Police Officer Training?

Some police training is available on-site or in the classroom. Unfortunately, many police officers are on duty for extensive periods of time and may get called to emergency situations at any time. This makes traditional classroom learning challenging. In addition, many police officers work for extended hours and still require additional time for volunteer work, time with their families and other responsibilities.

Online police training offers a balance between educational needs and busy schedules. With online training from Lorman Education Services, police officers can secure quality educational materials from their phones, tablets or computers at home, in the office and in the field. They can study on their own time and can even choose to study with the materials they can learn from most efficiently. Lorman Education Services offers training materials in several formats:

Flexible Options to Meet Officers’ Needs

Whether a police officer learns best through visual presentations, audio information or written text, Lorman Education Services can accommodate them with training materials developed by the best minds in their field. Training materials are always developed by top-tier professionals and are designed with the needs of police officers in mind.

If you need police officer training to meet state ongoing educational requirements or if you are looking to excel in your field, sign up for a Lorman Education Services All-Access Pass today to enjoy a full year of training materials available at your fingertips. If you require on-site training for your entire team, visit Lorman Education Services to find out more about personalized training options. More than 1.4 million professionals have already trusted Lorman Education Services with their training needs, so you know you're in good hands with us.

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