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Whether your a paralegal for a large form or a small boutique firm, your responsibilities and professional obligations as a paralegals are impacted by various rules of professional conduct and national, state, and local professional association guidelines. Paralegals encounter similar ethical issues which attorneys are faced with. Paralegals should not only know the ethical guidelines, but should also understand the rules of professional conduct applicable to lawyers, the subjects of which rules paralegals are likely to encounter on a regular basis.

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Choose from courses available online at your convenience or take a live webinar course that meets your schedule. Many of our paralegal courses are built and presented by some of the best faculty across the country. Our platform makes it easy for you to connect with these faculty from the ease of your own home or office.

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Many of our paralegal courses including ethics courses include continuing education credits. Many courses are approved with NALA, NFPA, Paralegals Credit including hours for ethics credits. Start today by browsing our catalog below or view more by clicking the training link above.

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Lorman Education Services offers online paralegal training and has been teaching paralegal professionals since 1987. With over 30 years of experience, our team will provide you with the best service to help you with your continuing education needs.

Lorman Education Services offers thousands of paralegal training courses, materials and resources. Browse our catalog today and view the many different paralegal titles of courses and one should meet your needs. Paralegal courses that you find in our catalog are up to date and refresh every year to help keep you current on the laws and regulations that you deal with every day.

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Instead of buying one course at a time, choose our unlimited subscription. With our annual subscription package, you get all the courses we have including paralegal ethics and so much more. You get access to our entire catalog 24/7 so choose courses that help you with your professional development such as e-discovery techniques, social media for paralegals, excel and management training and more.

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