Online Training for Law Enforcement

Explore convenient online law enforcement continuing education options including live webinars, seminars, OnDemand and online training

Online training for law enforcement allows law enforcement agencies and professionals to secure the training they need for state ongoing education requirements, personal interest, professional development and career advancement. For busy law enforcement professionals, online training can help ensure training is possible, even in remote areas and with busy schedules.

Law-enforcement officials rely on a wide range of skills and knowledge areas to succeed in their chosen careers. In law enforcement, driver training, weapons training, information technology and interpersonal skills are required on a daily basis. In addition, law enforcement needs to be able to deal with emergency situations and even natural disasters in a calm and efficient manner. Online training ensures law enforcement officials have the most up-to-date information, best practices and skill sets needed to do their jobs safely and effectively, ensuring everyone can stay safer in our communities.

Flexible Options for Any Schedule

Lorman Education Services recognizes the contributions law enforcement officials make, which is why we offer training for law enforcement professionals in formats designed for busy career professionals. Law enforcement training through Lorman Education Services is available online and in a variety of formats.

Law enforcement officials can choose from:

New training materials are released all the time, ensuring law enforcement professionals can stay up-to-date with the latest information and best practices. Best of all, Lorman Education Services works with leaders in these fields to develop the highest-quality training materials, so law-enforcement officials are always learning from the best.

Why Choose Online Training For Law Enforcement Professionals?

Law enforcement professionals are busy and spend a lot of time in the field. On-site training may not always work well with a career where emergencies can happen at any moment. Lorman Education Services offers online training, so law-enforcement agents and officers can always learn more on their own time and in formats that work for them.

At the office, at home and even in the field, law enforcement professionals can turn to Lorman Education Services to get training on their tablet, phone, computer or mobile device. Since training materials are available in audio, video, written and other formats, it's easy for professionals to choose the learning style best suited for their learning needs. This helps ensure law enforcement professionals can get additional training, even with their often-stressful professional lives.

Get the Lorman Education Services Advantage

More than 1.4 million professionals have already used Lorman Education Services to secure training to advance their careers. Find out about the Lorman Education Services advantage by experiencing it for yourself. Contact Lorman Education Services today to find about the All-Access Pass, which gives professionals the ability to secure one year of training — including current training options and upcoming releases — for one fixed price.

This is the most intensive training experience possible through Lorman Education Services, since officers have access to the many titles available for one year without any limits. If a yearly membership is not ideal, Lorman Education Services also offers short-term missions and even on-site training. Contact Lorman Education Services for more details or to sign up today.

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