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Successful land developers have a unique ability to see an empty site and envision the best possible use for it in the future. Doing so isn't magic — it's something that requires an in-depth understanding of demographics, economics, zoning laws and a range of other issues.

One of the best ways to manage risk and make informed, forward-thinking decisions is by keeping your land development training up to date. Legislation is regularly amended, trends affect the way people interact with the built environment and changing populations have different requirements for services and housing. Whether you're developing a commercial space or a residential complex, the more you know about these and other issues, the better positioned you will be to succeed.

Lorman Education Services’ Training for Land Developers

For land developers, online training is one of the easiest ways to keep your skills current without requiring a significant commitment of time or money. Lorman Education Services hosts convenient live webinars that participants can access from anywhere in the country using their computer or mobile device. We also offer more than 12,000 self-study programs you can download or stream at your convenience. Archived courses include previously recorded webinars, slideshow presentations, white papers, audio books and more.

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A State-By-State Look at Land Development Issues

Lorman Education Services has one of the broadest selections of online training courses for land developers. In our OnDemand archive, you can stream content that takes an in-depth look at development issues by state. Explore the specific land use and zoning bylaws that will affect your upcoming projects, increase your chances of success when bidding on jobs and minimize risk while exploring new opportunities for your firm.

Browse our online archive to find training courses relevant to your part of the country. In addition to state-specific training, we also offer courses that take a close look at issues such as "Land Acquisitions Involving Tribal Lands and the Bureau of Indian Affairs," "Coastal Development and Land Use Planning" and more. Search for a topic of interest and register today.

General Training for Land Developers

In addition to our highly specific land development training courses, we host courses that look at more general issues such as risk management, contract negotiation, ethics and more. Based on industry-wide best practices, our programming is ideal for anyone who wants to keep their skills current or has ongoing continuing education requirements.

All programming is developed by recognized subject matter experts, including lawyers and management consultants with top national firms. Visit individual course pages to view detailed agendas, meet your instructors and confirm continuing education credit eligibility.

Classes Start at $99

Lorman Education Services is committed to being the value leader in online training for land developers. Our programming starts at $99, though we routinely host free sponsored webinars on topics of interest to real estate professionals. If you intend to train on an ongoing basis, our All-Access Pass provides 12 months of unlimited live and OnDemand courses for $699. Sign up today or contact our customer response team for details.

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