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In today's business world and in every sector, technical training and computer skills are not just desired — they’re expected. From someone just starting a career to top executive or managerial positions, computer skills are a necessity. If you don't have those job-specific or software-specific technical skills you need to advance your career or land your dream position, online technical training courses from Lorman Education Services can help.

At Lorman Education Services, we have already helped more than 1.4 million professionals secure additional online training needed for career advancement. We understand busy professionals don't have endless hours to travel or to attend in-person courses. That’s why our team has designed online training to help you develop the technical skills you need without travel or an extensive time investment. You can study on your own time and at your own pace, developing needed skills without upsetting your schedule.

The Benefits of Technical Training Courses

Taking technical training courses online with us helps you develop the skills you need. You’ll enjoy several advantages, including:

With technical skills, you become less reliant on others to diagnose, fix and address technical problems in your workplace. Whether that means resolving a software issue with the server or a virus incident or having the skills to correctly choose the right tech solutions for your department, technical skills are much appreciated in every industry.

Why Lorman Education Services?

Lorman Education Services understands you may not have endless amounts of time to invest in learning a new skill. That's why we offer online training specifically designed for professionals. With a full year membership, you can enjoy unlimited access to a variety of learning formats, including:

We offer technical training for a variety of subjects. Learn HTML, web design and more. Become familiar with popular software titles used by professionals, including the latest versions of Word, Excel, Microsoft Office, QuickBooks, etc. Become confident with financial modeling and other online applications. With Lorman Education Services, you can choose from thousands of training options to get both the depth and breadth of knowledge you need.

Ready to Improve Your Technical Skills?

We know it’s tough to take time away from work to improve your skills, so we make it easy to learn what you need to without disrupting your schedule. You can study at your own pace from your tablet, mobile device or computer. If you need in-person training, we can provide it for your team or entire organization.

When you’re ready to get started, registration for our live events or self-study programs starts at just $99. You can also purchase an All-Access Pass for $699/year and take an unlimited number of courses.

Unlimited Training With the All-Access Pass

All of your training, right here at Lorman.

Pay once and get a full year of unlimited training in any format, any time!

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