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Human resource professionals, payroll managers, accountants, benefit managers, tax professionals, financial planners, consultants, enrolled agents, CFOs, controllers, presidents and vice presidents, business owners, managers, attorneys and other professionals may all need to understand section 125 plans for their jobs. Section 125 plans, or Cafeteria Plans, allow employers to offer employees a variety of health, dental, accident, disability and other benefits.

These plans, however, are complex and require an in-depth understanding of government regulations, tax issues, withholdings, legal matters and more. Whether you are creating a Cafeteria Plan or are overseeing the day-to-day operation of such a plan, ongoing training is necessary to help you as a professional.

If you need section 125 training, Lorman Education Services yearly membership plans let you train for a full year while keeping your costs under control. A membership plans lets you access all the training materials you’d like for one full year at one budget-friendly price. Check out the MP3s, articles, OnDemand training, live training and new training solutions that will be released over the year.

Study as much as you like from the comfort of your home or office, and hone the skills you need to seize new opportunities at your organization or in your field. With Lorman Education Services memberships, you have training covered. If a membership plan won’t work for you, Lorman Education Services can customize a plan with you so you get training developed just for you or your organization. Lorman Education Services can even bring training live right into your organization.

What Online Section 125 Training Can Do

Section 125 plan training can help you with the administration, design and implementation of Cafeteria Plans. Training can help you understand:

With ongoing section 125 plan training, you can be more confident you have the tools and resources you need to support your organization and your employees to your fullest capacity.

Secure Online Training on Section 125 Rules and Best Practices

Lorman Education Services combines the best in section 125 training with a variety of training formats, so you can study from audio books, articles, case studies, OnDemand training, archived training or the formats that make sense for you and your busy schedule.

If you ever need support or customer support, just contact the leading team of Lorman Education Services customer service professionals with your questions or to register for a training product. Sign up for a membership today or contact Lorman Education Services for a custom training solution. Either way, Lorman Education Services training is designed for the way you learn as a professional.

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