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Make marketing work for you with Lorman Education Services' self-study courses.

In an increasingly connected world, where consumers have more choice than ever, word-of-mouth alone is no longer an effective marketing strategy. Even if you go out of your way to provide the best products and services possible, without forward-thinking promotions it's hard to get your message to potential customers.

Make marketing work for you with Lorman Education Services' seminars and self-study classes. We work with nationally recognized marketing experts - many from top consulting firms or in-house positions with leading brands - to create programming for all professionals and all businesses.

Lorman Education Services' Online Marketing Courses

Our marketing courses are accessible and insightful, whether you're just starting out in your career or are more experienced. Programming covers a range of topics in the broad field of marketing, from successful event planning to using big data analytics to create a more engaging social media presence.

Many of our courses look at a single topic from a general perspective. Others speak directly to a specific industry or region. Whether you're in retail, finance, academia or the nonprofit sector, we have programming that will raise your organization's profile and help you capitalize on opportunities as they become available.

About Us

Lorman Education Services is a leader in online education for professionals. We host an OnDemand archive of more than 12,000 previously recorded seminars, slideshow presentations, audiobooks and other training materials, all of which are available for download or streaming at your convenience. We also regularly host live training on subjects related to both traditional and digital marketing.

Whether you prefer a more immersive learning experience in the form of live training or want to learn at your own pace, we have programming for you. Browse our catalog online or sign up for our mailing list to have the latest updates sent directly to your inbox.

The Affordable Choice in Online Professional Education

We founded Lorman Education Services in 1987 with the goal of making high-quality training available to professionals across the country. We are a distance learning pioneer and today continue to find new ways to bring engaging content to learners.

We understand that training should offer exceptional value to all participants. Part of this involves making sure our instructors represent some of the best minds in their field. The other part is offering pricing plans that don't break the bank. Our marketing classes start at $99 each, though we routinely offer free sponsored seminars on topics related to marketing and PR.

Most of our students choose to sign up for an All-Access Pass. All-Access Passes are valid for a 12-month period and include unlimited access to live and OnDemand marketing classes. At $699/person, an All-Access Pass will quickly pay for itself - particularly if you intend to commit yourself to ongoing training.

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Use the links on this page to browse our catalog of online marketing classes and sign up today. Got a question about any of our programs? One of our customer response representatives would be happy to help.

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