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Legal professionals are required by many states to complete Continuing Legal Education (CLE) hours each year to maintain their license to practice law. There are many formats for this continuing education, and many states require multiple hours of training. For busy attorneys, seeking out seminars and in-person training can be very time-consuming, and it's one reason why so many legal professionals choose online legal training to meet state requirements while saving time.

More than 1.4 million professionals have already trusted Lorman Education Services for their online and educational training. If you're looking for legal training online, Lorman Education Services offers ever-evolving courses in a variety of legal subjects, so you can choose the subject you are most interested in and learn at your own pace from your computer, mobile device or cellphone. Lorman Education Services puts you in the driver’s seat of your CLE requirements, letting you accommodate your busy schedule and your interests.

The Advantages of Seeking Legal Education Online

Once an attorney has passed the bar, ongoing training is required to keep practicing law. However, many attorneys seek additional training for different reasons. Additional training helps give attorneys an edge in the courtroom and with clients, for example. Training helps attorneys succeed in their career and gives them the tools they need to prepare strong cases and to engage best practices in the office and in the courtroom. Ongoing training can also ensure attorneys are up to date about key legal cases, legal technology and other sectors. In this highly competitive field, being able to learn from the best and brightest minds can be a definite career advantage.

Why Choose Lorman Education Services?

If you're seeking legal training online, sign up for an All-Access Pass from Lorman Education Services. Lorman Education Services makes it easy to study by working with the brightest minds in law to constantly create new materials, so you always have lots of educational material to choose from. You’ll always being exposed to the latest information in your field so you can excel. In addition, Lorman Education Services makes it easy for you to study at your own pace and in a variety of formats.

Lorman Education Services lets attorneys and legal professionals choose from a variety of interesting and useful subjects, including legal research, legal writing, tax laws, criminal defense, personal injury and more. No matter what your area of specialty, you can find intriguing material designed to help you advance in your field. With Lorman Education Services, the materials you need are in one place and always at your fingertips.

Choose from articles, white papers, case studies, MP3s, on-demand training and more. If your entire legal team requires training, Lorman Education Services even offers on-site services. Sign up for All-Access Pass today or reserve in-person training for your entire law firm. With Lorman Education Services, career-advancing training is just a few clicks away. Find out why your colleagues have turned to Lorman Education Services to get a competitive advantage and get the training you need to meet state CLE requirements, as well as the training you need for career growth and professional development.

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