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Staying ahead of the compliance a regulatory landscape.

Legal professionals today are some of the most important professionals when dealing with compliance and regulatory issues. Legal professionals provide businesses and business professionals with the important consulting and advice to keep business ahead of the regulatory changes and out the compliance webs of federal laws and state statutes.

Online Legal Training

Staying sharp and knowledgeable on all the compliance requirements is a full time job. Thats where we come to help. We monitor the legal landscape and provide the online legal training that attorneys and legal professionals need to stay in front of these updates. Our courses are all online based and available through a variety of live or recorded formats.

Legal Professionals Skills and Training

To stay sharp in the legal profession, you need to develop and continue developing your skills. You will need possess the knowledge that is relevant to your practice area. Beyond the specific knowledge, our training also helps provide some of the most useful skills for legal professionals including the following:

Communication This is undoubtedly one of the most important skills needed by lawyers. A good lawyer is like an expert salesman who is trying to sell his product, i.e. his case, to the judge and jury. He needs to be convincing, witty, confident, eloquent and charismatic.

ResearchLegal professionals also need to have the ability to research. Attorneys usually have to go through legislation and statutes to build a case for their client. They need to have good memory, comprehension and an ability to make sense of laws. A sharp eye and attention to detail can often help them find that one article that can get a decision in their favor.

Time ManagementAlmost anyone can win a case if they had all the time in the world to prepare for it. Lawyers don’t have that luxury. Legal professionals usually work under tight deadlines with court dates set by the judge. It is common to see a lawyer get assigned to a case where the hearing is due within 24 hours. Time management and good organization skills are important.

Commercial Awareness Most legal recruiters state that a lawyer needs to have good commercial awareness in order to be successful. A lawyer should be able to market their services and expertise to potential clients. They should be able to project their strengths and appear genuine and authentic when taking up cases.

Client Management Another important skill for lawyers is that they should be good listeners. Clients expect their lawyers to understand their problems and be honest and direct with them. If a lawyer is working with multiple clients, they should be able to give ample time to each one of them.

CLE/MCLE Approved

Staying updated on the topics you need is one areas of online training we provide. We also provide continuing legal education credits for those that are in need. Many of our courses are approved for CLE credits. Check each course to get the credit details you need from each training course. Contact us today as we staff an entire team of continuing education credit professionals to help service your questions and needs.

Legislation is always changing as new laws are added and old ones get repealed from the statutes. To practice law successfully, attorneys need to keep their knowledge up to date and relevant. Continuing education and training is one way to ensure that you are aware of the changes. Updated online courses are a low-cost, time saving method to refresh your knowledge and skills. Some of the most popular online courses include the following:

Legal Training Online at Lorman

Lorman Education Services offers continuing education programs for legal professionals that will help you stay relevant with changing laws and practices. We offer courses for professionals at different levels of experience. The courses are very flexible and you can study in your own selected time period. All our online training courses are designed to provide practical knowledge that will be useful to professionals. We also offer flexible assessment options and the cost of each course is much lower than regular class studies so it won’t be a burden on your budget.

To find out more about our online training courses for legal professionals, please get in touch with our customer support at 866-352-9539 or click the chat button to speak with a real person today.

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