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Professionals sometimes think great leaders are born, but in fact leadership is a skill. In fact, at many organizations, it can be both the most prized skill and the most underdeveloped. While few organizations invest in leadership training, it’s one of the educational areas highly successful and rapidly growing companies tend to focus on.

The reality is that strong leaders at an organization can help create better solutions, better decision-making and better communication. With strong leaders on your team, you can ensure better implementation of programs and ideas as well as less time spent managing and checking up on staff.

Strong leaders ensure an organization runs more smoothly and remains poised for success.

If you want to learn leadership skills or want to train your team, why not learn from the leader in training services? Lorman Education Services has trained more than 1.4 million professionals over 29 years and has developed a reputation as one of the leaders in the field of professional development and training. Teams, organizations and individuals turn to Lorman Education Services when they need training solutions that work in the real world.

Should You Try In-Person or Online Leadership Training?

Whether you want to train a management team at your organization or are an individual professional looking for a career average, you need to decide whether to pursue in-person or online leadership training. In-person training can be a great solution for teambuilding and for training entire teams.

If you want your management team to grow as leaders together, in-house training solutions or customized solutions from Lorman Education Services can be an answer.v

For many individual professionals and busy organizations, however, online leadership training provides several advantages. This budget-friendly solution allows for more cost-effective training delivery because no travel is required. In addition, online training is highly flexible. It can be used to supplement in-house training or as a standalone solution.

If you're a busy professional, online training allows you to focus on skill development and professional development on your own time, priming you for more leadership opportunities. If you head an organization, online training allows you to offer training to your entire staff, even if you have some remote employees. Online training allows you to pick and choose which format and topics are covered. Do need to work on communication skills? Do you need to master PowerPoint and presentation technologies? Online training allows you to hone in on these and other job-specific areas of mastery.

Why Choose Lorman Education Services for Your Leadership Training Needs?

Lorman Education Services understands that great leaders are made, not born. That's why Lorman Education Services works with the best leaders in every industry to develop those leadership training courses and industry-specific offices needed to transform your team or your career.

With Lorman Education Services, you can access thousands of training modules and materials in a variety of formats, including:

Lorman Education Services offers online training, customized training and in-house training for entire teams, so you choose those solutions which make sense for your organization or your specific situation. With an All-Access Pass, you can access all of the training materials you need for one full year at one price.

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