Online Training for Engineers

Lorman Educational Services offers a variety of online training courses for engineers that can help improve their skills.

Online Training for Engineers

Engineers lie at the center of innovation, infrastructural development, and technological breakthrough. They help create cost effective solutions for their organization. It is no surprise that they can command such high salaries for their skills.

Trends suggest that engineers will stay in high demand in the coming years with more than a hundred thousand new job opportunities created for engineers every year. The U.S. Bureau of Labor predicts that demand for engineers will continue to grow at 10% during the next decade.

Engineering professionals are dealing with an industry that is constantly evolving with new techniques. Regulations also affect the engineering industry that causes engineers to change the way to operate and of course manage their profession and business. Staying on top of techniques and regulations is a constantly moving target.

Growing and Changing Skills Necessary for An Engineering Professional

Besides the educational background, you also need to have appropriate skills and knowledge in your chosen field of engineering. Many organizations only recruit professionals after getting a demonstration of their skills and abilities. Staying on top of these skills is not only a requirement by many businesses but a requirement to stay competitive in the market.

Some of the most commonly demanded skills include the following:

Data Analysis and Modeling: This skill is used to derive meaning from numerical data and charts. It helps engineers identify correlations between various data clusters to determine cause and effect. It is also useful in finding anomalies and measuring regressions.

Probabilities and Statistics: This skill is useful for creating predictive models and forecasts. Engineers use various algorithms to run tests, measure variance, averages, and expected deviations to reduce uncertainties and risks from projects.

Mathematics: A key skill for engineers in all disciplines. A high proficiency in mathematics helps engineers solve complex equations and calculations and figure out solutions. This skill is required by professionals in industries as diverse as aerospace, agriculture, medicine, construction and manufacturing.

Communication and Teamwork: Many people have the misconception that engineers don’t talk to other people and just tinker away with their calculations in labs and planning rooms. The truth is that engineers often collaborate with other engineers, top management, and teams spread around the world. Engineers must have good listening skills to understand what is required of them by their organization. They should also be good at presenting their ideas and findings to others in a way that is easy to understand. Good communication skills are particularly useful for engineers in getting their point across.

Engineer Courses Online

Due to advances in online training and education methods, it is now possible for individuals to acquire engineering training through distance learning programs. Thats why we are always offering a multitude of online engineering courses for engineering professionals.

Online training for engineers is effective for six main reasons.

Engineer Online Continuing Education

The field of engineering is characterized by development of technology and shifting demand for skills. In order to stay relevant and progress their careers, engineers often have to learn new skills and acquaint themselves with new technology that can make their work more efficient.

Lorman Education offers a range of continuing education programs for engineers. Our courses can help engineers, technicians, and professionals stay up to date on developments in their profession. Our online training courses ensure that your skills and knowledge does not become stagnant with time.

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