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Online Design Build Training

Our flexible design build training lets you learn on the go, no matter how busy your schedule is

Strong design build projects involve many professionals working together. To succeed, these team members must carefully define the scope of the work and the responsibilities and duties of each party. Metrics are popular to help evaluate progress must be established at every stage to empower each member of the team to make strong and timely decisions throughout the project.

With strong online design build training, your team can work together efficiently to get design build results that make your clients proud. Lorman Education Services brings you courses that provide you with the practical and actionable training you need to meet your goals and work in a cooperative, knowledgeable manner with other professionals on your team.

Lorman Education Services also acknowledges how busy design build projects are. That’s why we offer online training that’s flexible enough to work with your schedule, no matter how busy you are. Sign up for individual training options to start learning today, or sign up for a full year membership to access our entire design build resource library, where you can look up information and get ongoing training throughout the year for professional development or recertification purposes.

Why You Need Design Build Training

Design build projects require a careful calibration of multiple factors and professionals. To succeed, design build professionals — whether they’re architects, contractors, engineers or other professionals — need to ensure a project moves forward in a timely fashion, makes a profit, stays on track and meets clients’ needs. Team leaders need to make sure the project stays on time and on budget.

However, architects, engineers and other professionals also need to be able to work with a balance sheet and time schedule to ensure the project stays on track. In a design build project, everyone is responsible.

Strong design build projects show good synchronicity between the contractor, design professionals, owners, architects, engineers and others on the team. These professionals need to work together beyond their individual capacities as a team. Compromise, cooperation and other soft skills are essential. However, a thorough grounding in legal matters, tax considerations, bylaws, best practices, technical aspects and even software may be necessary for all team members to ensure everyone’s on the same page and working together towards a successful project delivery.

Online Design Build Training Resources

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Training Solutions at Lorman Education Services

Lorman Education Services understands design build projects training needs to encompass many areas. Just like the professionals on a design build project need to be able to think outside the box and step outside their usual professional roles, training for this field needs to encompass many areas of specialty, including technical knowledge, legal competencies, best practices, ethics and other areas.

Lorman Education Services allows professionals to get a full year of membership so they can study not only design build specific subjects but also bylaws, business best practices and other subject areas relevant for engineers, design build professionals, contractors and more. Sign up for training today to get the comprehensive solutions you need for your next project — and the rest of your career.

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