Online Training for Construction Professionals

Training courses for professionals in the construction business that can help improve you skills and career growth.

Construction is one of the fastest growing professions. The demand for construction managers, supervisors and foremen has risen in the last few years. Research suggests that demand for construction professionals will remain high in the coming years, mainly due to expected government investment in public projects. This requires current staff to be educated and continually educated to grow and stay compliant.

Construction Professionals Skills and Training

Construction professionals work in a diverse range of sectors. Some of the more common professions include the following.

Staying compliant in the construction industry is becoming a growing concern. With all of the different safety restrictions, zoning requirements, permits and building compliance, a construction professional is required to continue learning and watching for legal potholes. Find courses you need to help stay compliant and find courses that help improve techniques and construction challenges.

Staying ahead of the construction training curve requires continued training in the following:

Online Construction Training

The construction business is a hands-on industry. Practical experience of physical labor goes a long way in making a successful career in construction. However, this does not mean that training courses are valued any less.

Continuing education and training in this field can give construction professionals distinct advantages over others. Construction training courses are designed to improve technical, legal and safety knowledge of professionals. Construction management courses are designed to provide training for project planning and scoping.

Some common online construction training courses include the following.

Technical Courses

Financial Courses

  • Project Cost Estimation and Cost Control
  • Construction Finance
  • Investment Management
  • Budgeting and Scheduling Processes
  • Interest Rate Models
  • Construction and Tax Fundamentals
  • Online Training for Construction Professionals

    Professionals working in the construction industry can improve their knowledge and skills with the help of online training courses. These courses allow professionals to continue their job without taking a break for education or full-time studies.

    Lorman Education Services offers online courses for construction professionals with different levels of experience and training requirements. The courses are very flexible and you can study at your own pace. Courses are updated regularly and each training course is designed to provide practical knowledge of the construction industry to candidates.

    Save Time and Money

    The cost of the courses is much lower than what you would expect to pay in a regular training class. Why spend so much time out of the office training when the information is right at your fingertips. To find out more about our online training courses for Construction Professionals, please get in touch with our customer support at 866-352-9539 or click the chat button to speak to real person today.

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