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If you need to learn about computer software for your career, online computer training offers a powerful advantage. It is a more effective way to learn about software or computers because you are actively using a computer to study. Online learning also has the advantage of letting you train from your home or office. You can even study outside or during your commute, and you can work at your own pace.

Lorman Education Services has helped more than 1.4 million professionals looking for professional educational training. Our materials are developed by industry leaders and are designed especially for busy professionals. New courses and resources are being released all the time, so you can get training on the most up-to-date versions of the software you need for your business or your career. Whether you need to learn more about financial software, word processing, presentation titles or other software, Lorman Education Services can help, with thousands of educational titles to choose from.

Why Lorman Education Services?

Lorman Education Services offers computer training designed specifically for professionals. General computer training may be too basic for your needs and may not cover those applications and software features you require specifically for your career. Our training modules address all of the newest apps, software and features as well as tricks and suggestions you need to use your computer efficiently and effectively. Computers should make your life easier, not more complicated. When you get professional computer training, you can save time and frustration while producing more polished presentations, reports and other materials. If you use financial software, getting professional computer training ensures your results are accurate and you’re using the software correctly and securely — which may be important for compliance processes in your industry.

No matter how you learn, you can trust Lorman Education Services. We offer thousands of training options and resources. In addition, you can learn online or in-person. We can also provide training for your whole team as well as customized options if your education needs are unique.

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Lorman Education Services has helped more than 1.4 million professionals over more than 29 years in the business, and we are always developing new training programs. Our in-person and online training provide a variety of resources and come in a range of formats, including:

And more. To find out more about how Lorman Education Services can help you, sign up for a membership today. An All-Access Pass for $699/year offers the best value, as it allows you unlimited access to thousands of educational and course titles at one low price. You can train over a year and gain true mastery over the software titles you use every day in your line of work. You can also sign up for individual courses and programs, where pricing starts at $99.

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