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The fast-paced world of commercial lending changes quickly – when large deals are on the line, everything you can do to keep your training current is a critical advantage. At the same time, your clients are and should remain your most important priority. Balancing training with other professional responsibilities requires innovative distance learning that is equal parts accessible, incisive and up to date.

That’s where Lorman Education Services comes in. We offer a wide range of online commercial lending training courses for professionals at any stage of their career. Whether you are just starting out and looking for a way to distinguish yourself from others in your cohort, or are more established but worried about staying current with the latest developments that affect the way you work, we can help.

Live and Self-Study Options Make Training Easy

Since 1987, Lorman Education Services has been a pioneer in professional distance learning. Currently, we offer several different ways to complete commercial lending training courses online:

Previous live programs that are currently available for download through our self-study archive include Strategies and Common Pitfalls in Commercial Lending: When Using Equity Interests as Collateral, Current Issues in Construction Lending and more. Whichever way you prefer to learn, you’ll find the freedom and flexibility to upgrade your training at your own pace with Lorman Education Services.

Why Choose Lorman Education Services?

Here’s why you should make Lorman Education Services your exclusive provider of online commercial lending training courses:

Ready to get started? Follow the links on this page to explore upcoming and archived online commercial lending training courses. Got a question about any of our programming? Get in touch with our customer response team for assistance.

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