Audit Training

Online audit training is essential for keeping your skillset compliant and relevant in today’s fast-paced world.

Auditors are professionals whose work has an immense impact on businesses. Third-party auditing services, for example, can help organizations avoid audits, penalties and investigations by ensuring they are fully compliant with current rules. Second-party auditors help protect consumers and ensure organizations are following rules and laws set out for them. First-party auditors help companies develop procedures and policies which protect customers and keep the organization safe from penalties.

All these auditors rely on audit training to keep their skill sets fresh and to offer maximum support in a frequently changing environment.

Lorman Education Services recognizes that auditors face an ever-changing regulatory environment. The IRS, SEC, FINRA and other agencies and bodies frequently update their best practices, regulations, rules and recommendations. Keeping up-to-date with these changes is an important part of any auditor’s skill set, and audit training is one way to ensure auditors can offer the best support for their clients.

Lorman Education Services offers strong online audit training solutions for auditors and organizations interested in staying fully compliant and meeting the standards of the auditing industry.

Audit Training From Lorman Education Services

We frequently update our training materials to ensure you have the most relevant and accurate information on hand. Training materials are developed by industry leaders, ensuring the best minds are offering you training. You get this quality and standard of training without having to leave your home, since online training from Lorman Education Services is easily accessible from your phone, laptop or mobile device.

We also recognize that auditors and organizations have limited time in which to hone their skills. To leave more time for auditing and career advancement, Lorman Education Services has made it easy to access the materials you need in your own time. For a one-year, budget-friendly membership cost, you get a full year of access to the thousands of training titles we have available. You can study as little or as much as you like, and at your own pace.

Since every person studies in a different way, Lorman Education Services has made it easy for you to access training in the format you prefer. We offer training in the form of articles, white papers, case studies, reports, on-demand seminars, audio books, MP3s and more. You can choose whether you want to read materials, listen to them or see more interactive presentations.

And if you have an entire team or organization you want to offer training to, Lorman Education Services even offers on-site and custom training solutions.

No matter what your needs may be, Lorman Education Services can help. In fact, more than 1.4 million auditors and other professionals have already turned to us when they have needed training. Our flexible learning formats, affordable yearly membership fee and strong training options attract many professional learners. The fact that our training materials are always being updated is especially important in the auditing industry, where regulatory changes happen often.

If you want a one-stop solution to help you keep up-to-date with these changes, Lorman Education Services has solutions for you.

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