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Online office training courses are the flexible way to boost your office skills

Office managers and administrators play an essential role in any workplace or office. They keep work and people organized and efficient. In specific fields, such as medicine and law, office managers and administrators have specialized knowledge of the field.

Office professionals are often the first employees clients and customers meet, so it's no surprise that workplaces and businesses are extremely selective when choosing their office professionals. Professionals in this field need to have high-caliber training as well as a highly competitive resume in order to succeed.

If you're looking for online office training courses, look no further. Lorman Education Services offers office skills training tailor-made for today's professionals. Whether you already work in an office and wish to become more efficient or you're entering the field and want to pursue the widest array of career opportunities, our training solutions allow you to study the subjects that will have the greatest impact on your career and professional development.

Our training is online, ensuring you can study no matter how hectic your schedule is. Regardless of where you are located, you get access to our professionally developed training and office training courses, allowing you to learn without having to travel.

Flexible Office Training

Office management and skills training is as varied as the job itself. Professionals need to understand software titles such as Microsoft Outlook, Excel, QuickBooks, Word, Access and PowerPoint. In addition, office professionals need exceptional organization and communication skills. They need to be able to perform a number of tasks. They may need to create teams, manage groups of employees, or type up emails, memos, reports and other important business communications. They may be in charge of contacting clients, customers and other stakeholders and communicating important concepts with them.

Since office managers and administrators have so many tasks, their training can include a variety of subject areas, such as:

Offices change rapidly today, and Lorman Education Services is there for you when you need additional training support. Our training is truly a flexible, ongoing solution. We're there for you when you need further skills-building for your career.

More than 1.4 million professionals have already chosen to work with us to expand their skill base and their career options. You can study in the formats, place and fashion that makes most sense for you. You can study with audiobooks during your commute, with case studies at work or with on-demand training at home. With us, it's up to you. We even offer customized on-site solutions if you need to train an entire staff.

Contact us to learn more, or if you want instant access to our resource library, sign up for an All-Access Pass. This gives you unlimited access to all our training materials for a full year at one flat fee. You can also purchase individual training modules, if you prefer. Start training today for a more efficient office tomorrow.

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