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Office Skills Training Including Live Online Training, On-demand Programs and Bookstore Products

Anyone who works in an office environment must possess certain essential skills. Depending on the nature of the job, these can include everything from typing and working with various computer programs to managing projects and communicating effectively with a colleague. In some professions, certain types of office skills training may also be necessary to meet continuing education requirements.

Lorman Education Services offers a wide range of office skills continuing education programs that will help you stay current and compliant. Our office skills training programs boost your self-confidence and improve your overall job performance. Using our courses to hone your job skills will also make you a more attractive candidate when pursuing career advancement opportunities.

Office Computer Skills Training and More

Our office skills training programs include courses that will allow you to develop proficiency working with Word, Excel and other computer applications. You can also complete programs in key areas such as customer service, business writing and communication, conflict resolution and general administrative functions. Experienced faculty members, many of who are subject-matter experts in various aspects of office administration, prepare all of our courses.

Enjoy the Convenience of Online Office Skills Training

Our online office skills training programs and resources enable you to increase your knowledge base without having to attend classes in person. Options include live training programs that allow you to view informative, engaging real-time presentations while sitting at your computer.

You’ll also find many on-demand resources that are available on a 24/7 basis. These can include recordings of live presentations and other video and audio programs, slide-deck presentations, whitepapers, articles and more. Simply log in whenever you have the time.

We’ve Been Helping People Stay Current and Compliant for More Than 28 Years

Lorman has more than 28 years of experience in helping people obtain the training they need to develop their job skills and fulfill their continuing education requirements. More than 1.4 million who work in a wide range of industries have benefitted from our services. Take a look at our current list of office skills continuing education programs and feel free to contact us for more information.

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