Office Skills Training Courses

Online office skills training courses help you stay on top of technology and office changes

Office professionals need to have excellent communication skills and must be able to handle today's office technology, which can include hardware such as copiers, faxes, 3-D printers, tablets and other technology. Office professionals also need to be able to keep up to date with the latest software, content management systems, social media, office suites such as the Microsoft office titles and more.

Lorman Education Services offers office skills training courses and training for managers and other office professionals in an online, highly flexible environment. With us, you can study what you want when you want. You can study information about presentation creation, team management, time management, software and other subjects. You get to choose the skills you want develop the most, and you can study at any time thanks to access to our 24-hour resource library. You can study as little or as much as you like.

Why Take Online Office Skills Training Courses?

Ongoing training is the best way to ensure office professionals have the skills and up-to-date information they need. Office training also ensures office managers, administrators, specialists and other professionals have the industry-specific information they need.

Office managers in medical or dental work practices, for example, need to understand basic medical terminology to fully support patients and doctors. In a legal office, administrative assistants and office managers need to understand some basic legal concepts such as lawyer-client privilege. In a government office, employees may need to understand the latest legislative changes. Training is one sure way to develop this understanding and these skills.

Why Lorman Education Services?

Lorman Education Services understands how busy office professionals are and how rapidly the office environment can change. Whether you work for a corporation where you manage large groups of people or in a small office and mostly need technical guidance, our skills courses are developed by some of the brightest minds in office management. You'll be learning from professionals who have actually worked in the environment where you work. Our training is also always being updated, ensuring you get the most recent best practices and techniques to put use in your workplace.

Since everyone studies differently, Lorman Education Services makes sure it's possible for you to learn the way you study best. With us, you can choose from case studies, white papers, articles, audiobooks, MP3s, on-demand training, live training and other solutions. Whether you are a visual learner, learn best through audiobooks or want to reinforce the skills learned through a variety of formats, we deliver the training you want and need.

Lorman Education Services even makes it easy for you to get the right pricing and membership plan. Our All-Access Pass allows you to access unlimited training for a full year at one flat fee. It is our best value. We also allow you to purchase individual training solutions. If neither of these meet your needs, please contact us at and we can create customized or on-site training solutions for you or your entire team.

We take our commitment to professionals seriously, which is one reason why more than 1.5 million workers have chosen us for their training needs. Sign up for training online today or contact us for customized solutions to find out how we can help you.

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