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Online office manager training courses give you the flexibility to train for your career

Office managers are needed in today’s offices because these workplaces are far more complex than ever before. In small businesses especially, office managers or administrative assistants may take on many roles, from communications to preparing social media to managing content management systems. Being able to handle a wide array of tasks and having the specialized terminology is essential, whether you're just changing careers to work in an office environment or are an experienced office professional looking to gain an advantage by learning the latest software and knowledge.

Lorman Education Services understands that training needs for office professionals are as unique as office professionals themselves. It's why we offer highly flexible and customizable office manager training courses that mean you don't have to travel to learn. With our online office manager training courses, you can focus on areas where you need the most practice or need to pursue the best career opportunities.

Whether you want to learn business communications, technology, best practices, proofreading or another subject area, we have professionally designed, created and curated training designed specifically for you. Online and on your own time, you can learn the skills you need to take your career to the next level.

Getting Training for Every Stage of Your Career

Even experienced office managers and administrators need ongoing training. Offices may upgrade software computer systems, and specialized offices may require industry-specific knowledge and training. Even if you have worked in offices your whole career, you need ongoing training. Today's office environment changes all the time. Social media trends, for example, may require office professionals to learn about a new online platform so they can better support marketing efforts in their workplace. Changes to bookkeeping recordkeeping requirements may mean office managers need to understand the new options so they can better support their workplace. In addition, best practices and technology change all the time, requiring professionals to stay up to date with their skills.

Real-World Training Support With Lorman Education Services

Lorman Education Services makes it simple to secure professional training because we offer so many solutions. You can choose on-demand training or live training, which has an interactive component. You can choose from training about editing or about the latest versions of software you need. You can learn through audiobooks, MP3s, case studies, white papers and more. Our practical, actionable solutions are designed to get you the information and skills you need to succeed.

Lorman Education Services lets you gain confidence in your office skills and allows you to pursue career opportunities. Our All-Access Pass allows you to access all our training materials for one flat fee per year. You can also purchase individual training modules if you only require nominal training. Finally, you can choose on-site or customizable training if you have special training needs. Sign up for online training now to get studying, or contact Lorman Education Services today to learn more about our custom training options.

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