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Understanding – and knowing how to effectively use – Microsoft® Excel® is a major component of almost any office job today. In most workplaces, Excel® is the go-to spreadsheet application for accounting, budgeting, inventory control and a number of other important tasks.

Deserved or not, Excel® has a reputation of not being terribly user friendly. For this reason, many workplaces are offering their employees online Microsoft® Excel® training, and many professionals who don’t have access to training through other channels are taking it upon themselves to improve their skills through independent learning.

Lorman Education Services offers convenient online Microsoft® Excel® training for users at all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner who is intimidated to dive into a new professional responsibility or a more experienced user looking to expand on their existing knowledge base, we can help. Follow the links on this page to browse our catalogue of upcoming and archived courses, or keep reading to learn more.

Work at Your Own Pace to Get the Skills You Need to Succeed

Microsoft® Excel® training online programs from Lorman Education Services include both live programs and self-study programming. Dozens of live events are hosted each month, all of which are archived in our OnDemand catalogue. Slide shows, manuals and other training materials are also available for download or streaming at your convenience. Choose the learning option that works for you and start your online Microsoft® Excel® training today!

Our Courses

Lorman Education Services has been a leader in distance learning since 1987. More than 1.4 million professionals have taken our courses to improve their technical training and stay current on the latest technologies and software platforms. Today, we offer a wide range of Excel®-related courses for all levels, including:

As you can see, our courses range from general to industry-specific. All are developed and led by Excel® experts and designed to offer outstanding value to all participants. Many even qualify for continuing education credits with your state bar association, accountancy board or other professional organization. Explore your training options using the links on this page, or contact our customer response team for more information.

Individual and Enterprise Licenses Available

Lorman Education Services offers online Microsoft® Excel® training programs for both small groups and individual learners. Ambitious professionals can take our courses to learn skills that will help them work more efficiently and compete for new jobs. Fees for live training programs and OnDemand self-study training start at just $99 per course.

We also offer an All-Access Pass that lets you take an unlimited number of programs – not limited solely to Excel® training – for $699 per year. If you’re serious about continuing education, or have annual training requirements to meet, an All-Access Pass will quickly pay for itself.

Special enterprise training packages for groups of up to 25 can be customized to the needs of your organization. Contact our office directly for assistance or more information.

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