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It’s extremely easy to miss out on key points during meetings. Projects often get delayed and there is scope for miscommunication across teams and departments without comprehensive knowledge about the agenda of the meeting. Meeting minutes help avoid these ambiguities by allowing employees to reference effecting meeting notes post-meetings.

Importance of meeting minutes to organizational effectiveness

Effective meeting notes help teams in multiple ways:

It is essential for business professionals to develop superior note taking skills, to ensure that their actions and decisions remain streamlined with the requirements of the decisions taken during meetings.

Meeting minutes courses Lorman Education

One of the primary responsibilities of any administrative staff is to successfully take notes during meetings and share transcripts and key points of the same both within the team and to other relevant teams/departments.

Effective note taking skills can be easily developed with the right training. At Lorman Education, we have multiple courses designed to help participants learn how to take effecting meeting notes. Our note taking and meeting minute courses have been designed by experienced industry veterans who have worked with multiple prestigious organizations. Having worked in administrative capacities and having honed their note taking skills over the years, our faculty is uniquely-placed to guide you in your learning. With their help, participants can easily develop reliable and superior note taking skills.

With theoretical frameworks and practical exercises, our note taking and meeting minutes courses will help you upgrade your skill set and allow you to grow professionally in no time.

Become the best at taking effective meeting notes

At Lorman Education, we impart meeting minutes training through two modes:

Online live or ondemand training classes

Our online training course allows participants to interact with world-renowned faculty and industry veterans via our learning platform. Courses are conducted online live or ondemand, both allowing our instructors to provide individual feedback to attendees who wish to ask questions. Practical examples and case studies will be provided by the faculty and question and answer sessions will be used for each course.

Self-study classes

Participants who are unable to take up the online interactive classes can choose to study by themselves through our self-study resources. Once your account is created with us, you will be given complete access to course material that’s been hand-picked by industry experts for your learning. Courses and resources are uploaded into your account interface and you can access them on your time. For live webinars, please make sure to watch for your confirmations which will provide you with your dial in or log in information for each course you purchase or attend.  

Lorman Education Service has been in the online training industry for over 30 years. We have helped millions of working professionals upgrade their professional skill set and achieve great professional growth. Contact us for more information.

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