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Hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities all produce large numbers of medical records. Each time a medical procedure is performed or a patient visits a doctor, a patient file is involved. Health information technicians must be able to store, create, classify and code records correctly in these files so physicians and other healthcare professionals can accurately get information they need to treat patients.

Lorman Education Services offers a range of medical records training options, allowing you to learn the basics of this crucial field of medicine. Our training is online, allowing you to study at your own pace and on your own time. You can use our training to stay up to date, for continuing education and to brush up on the subjects that you need to know.

What Is Online Medical Records Training?

Professionals in insurance companies, pharmaceutical organizations, medical practices, rehab centers, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, government agencies, home healthcare businesses and other locations all need to work with medical records to serve patients or clients. Even some software vendors and human resource professionals need a basic understanding of medical records. For these professionals, as well as for medical record professionals, patient record training is a way to get a foundation for how to properly handle, create, store, code and work with medical records.

Medical record training covers a variety of topics needed by health information technicians and related professionals:

This training teaches students how to properly create and store medical records. Students learn to function with both paper and electronic records, even though electronic records are increasingly becoming the standard. Students taking medical record training also learn records retention and other basic subjects in information management.

Why Get This Training?

Even something as seemingly simple as records keeping can be quite complex. Professionals may need to learn professional standards of filing, the basics of ethical behavior and ways to maintain doctor-patient confidentiality. State and federal laws are very serious when it comes to patient protections, confidentiality and how records are stored. Proper medical records training can help professionals stay fully compliant with current regulations.

Lorman Education Services offers a range of memberships options for you. With us, you can study from any mobile device with an Internet connection with a variety of formats, including MP3s, audio books, white papers, case studies, on-demand programs, archived training and more. You can choose the format that makes sense for you — they’re all designed to truly engage you and allow you to learn your best.

Our records training for medical professionals is for you, whether you’re just entering the field of medical records or are an experienced professional. Sign up for our training or an All-Access Pass today — you can also contact us for custom training solutions.

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