Online Litigation Paralegal Training

Lorman Education Services offers both live and OnDemand training options for litigation paralegals who want to stay on top of their field.

In law offices across the country, paralegals are playing a more active role in litigation. From research to trial preparation, professionals are being called to take on additional responsibilities. Continuing education is part of being a well-rounded litigation paralegal capable of rising to these expectations.

Lorman Education Services provides a range of litigation paralegal training options for busy professionals. We offer online and OnDemand programming that works around your schedule while helping you develop the skills you need to succeed.

Training Online With Lorman Education Services

Lorman Education Services is a longstanding distance learning pioneer. We founded our organization in 1987 with the goal of making excellent training accessible to professionals across the country. Today, our distance learning options include:

Our online litigation paralegal training covers topics like ethics and technology, as well as fields such as workers’ compensation, personal injury law and more. Many courses are broad in focus, while others look at issues from a state-specific perspective. All offer insights based on the professional experience of our instructors, many of whom come to us from top national law firms.

Why Make Training a Priority?

Many litigation paralegals have ongoing continuing education requirements as part of their bar association membership. We have designed our programming to qualify for credits with nearly all professional organizations see individual course pages for details.

Even if you're not required to commit to regular training, doing so is an excellent way to advance your career. Litigation paralegals who complete training are better equipped to meet the challenges of a changing industry. Our programming helps you stay on top of new trends and new laws. For recent graduates, it complements your formal education with a real-world perspective that can be useful when competing for new jobs.

Whatever your reason for training with Lorman Education Services, you'll find that our courses offer excellent value. Registration fees start at $99, and there are no textbooks or materials to buy or additional software to download. We also offer a 12-month All-Access Pass for $699. Pass holders can complete an unlimited amount of training, and also gain access to several exclusive perks, such as our state credit tracker.

Learn more about your options by continuing to browse our website, or by contacting a member of our customer response team directly. Representatives are available by phone, email or online chat.

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