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The ever-changing regulatory environment has made it imperative for bankers, lenders, mortgage professionals, and those in the financial sector to remain current on changes in the industry. Calls for improved transparency and tighter regulations have made oversight a top priority for the industry. Lending training is becoming a pressing need for professionals committed to improving the integrity of lending practices.

Lorman Education Services delivers lending training courses in multiple formats. On-site training in a traditional setting makes it possible for corporate groups to conveniently incorporate training practices. Online courses, live seminars, and on-demand training make it possible for companies to receive the requisite education to become more proficient in their professions. Making available a range of training materials, white papers, and other resources gives professionals the added advantage of being able to supplement existing coursework. As an industry leader in training and education, Lorman Education Services as been provided quality training solutions for professionals committed to growth and personal development.

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Our lending courses are designed to meet current business and regulatory topics facing the financial industry. Under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and Fair Housing Act are facing increased scrutiny amid recent changes in the real estate industry. Challenges such as housing discrimination have made it that much more important to improve training of finance professionals involved in everyday lending practices.

  • Fair lending risk profile evaluation
  • Proper lending practices and procedural requirements
  • Role of compliance officer in oversight of loans
  • Tracking violations and accountability safeguards
  • Role expectations according to employee position
  • Lending Compliance Issues Covered

    Lending compliance is a growing area of litigation as more consumers and businesses look for ways to leverage debt. With the growing variety of client you want your professionals to be able to identify any compliance issues that might be brought forth. Bank staff members must be prepared to act once a compliance issue is found. Any delay in dealing with a compliance issue may result ongoing legal disputes to addressed the incident. There may be an action plan that needs to be developed to restore the lending institution’s rating in according with The Bank’s Community Reinvestment Act. Professionals have to view compliance in a new light given the increased scrutiny involving the finance industry. If you want your team to be empowered and more effective, you have to equip them with the right knowledge. Our courses focus on topics like residential mortgage lending laws, the role of compliance in loans, federal statutory obligations, and disclosures contained in mortgage lending.

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    Lorman Education Services have an online training and continuing education history that spans 29 years. The goal is to provide world-class training to finance industry professionals on their terms. Professionals in the finance are positioned to meet industry lending compliance standards.

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