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Legal research training helps paralegals, attorneys and other legal professionals uncover the information they need. Many cases, contract disputes and other legal matters are resolved through careful research and the gathering of the best evidence. Finding medical experts, technical experts, medical records, computer records and other evidence is crucial.

In the past, legal professionals relied on printed materials in courtrooms, archives and libraries. Today, technology means legal researchers seek materials with a wide array of technologies, including online systems and databases. Legal researchers also need to be aware of ever-changing privacy laws and other legal regulations that can affect due diligence and legal research.

If you'd like to secure online legal research training to help advance your career and to help you become a more effective researcher, get an All-Access Pass from Lorman Education Services. Lorman Education Services offers thousands of training options for legal professionals, including seminars, MP3s, audiobooks, articles, white papers, case studies and other forms of training regarding legal research, legal writing and related fields. Choose the materials that are most interesting to you and are most relevant to your position. With an All-Access Pass, you get an unlimited selection of materials to choose from for one year, so you can study as often or as little as you like.

Legal Research Is Changing

Legal research is a highly dynamic field, especially since new databases and software are released all the time. Being able to understand current best research practices and knowing how to find and to verify information is crucial. Online legal training lets you learn more about research techniques on your own time and at your own pace.

In today’s competitive environment, paralegals and other legal professionals are expected to be cost-effective in their research methods. In addition, the Head of Library Client Services at the Great Library and courts require a very high standard of accuracy and reliability from legal researchers. Training can ensure your research methods are effective and meet the current standards for excellence. In addition, legal research training can help legal professionals avoid some of the most common errors in research and can help researchers learn to use a variety of resources – including law libraries, universities, archives, online resources databases and other options – to find needed information.

Even though the internet has made finding information easier than ever before, research in some ways is more daunting. There is a seemingly endless array of resources available for the researcher, and even officially maintained online databases contain errors or incompletions that can affect cases. Strong training can help legal professionals choose resources correctly, find the relevant data they need, plan research efforts and verify the facts they gather.

Whether you are starting your legal career or are a seasoned professional, Lorman Education Services makes it possible for you to get the research advantage you need to build stronger cases. You can sign up for an All-Access Pass to start a full year of access to thousands of research materials, or secure Lorman Education Services’ on-site training to train your entire legal team in today’s best research methods.

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