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Purchasing Management

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Earn the Purchasing Management Certificate by completing the required courses within 90 days.

Purchasing skills are a growing requirement for small to large-sized companies. A wide variety of skills is required to maintain an efficient process that helps businesses succeed with inventory, vendors, contracts and more. Purchasing professionals can wear a variety of hats during their workday. Staying on top of these skills is required to help improve efficiency, stay on top of compliance requirements and improve profitability.

Our Purchasing Management Learning Path is a great way to earn a certificate by completing a small set of short online courses within 90 days. These courses are designed to enhance and improve the knowledge required of buyers, inventory managers, and purchasing professionals.

Courses in the Purchasing Management Learning Path are presented in our ondemand format. This means you can take the course at your convenience 24/7 from any device you choose.  To earn the certificate, you must complete the courses within 90 days.

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Lorman Certification process in 4 easy steps:

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Complete all coursework within 90 days
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Purchasing Mangement Learning Path Courses

OnDemand Webinar
Pricing and Cost Analysis in Purchasing
Pricing and Cost Analysis in Purchasing
OnDemand Webinar
Use of Terms and Conditions in Purchase Agreements
Use of Terms and Conditions in Purchase Agreements
OnDemand Webinar
Purchase Order Fundamentals
Purchase Order Fundamentals
OnDemand Webinar
Streamlining Your Procurement Process
Streamlining Your Procurement Process
OnDemand Webinar
Negotiating and Analyzing the Benefits of Fixed Price Contracts
Negotiating and Analyzing the Benefits of Fixed Price Contracts
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have to complete the courses?
Once the Learning Path is started, you will have 90 days to complete the coursework for the certificate. Courses can still be completed after the 90 days, certificates however are only presented if courses are completed within 90 days of registration.
What devices can I use to take the course?
Courses are available to be taken on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.
When will I receive my certificate?
Once the coursework is completely finished, you will be able to download the printable certificate in your account. Please contact us at 866-352-9539 if you cannot access the certificate.
How many learning paths can I do?
You can take as many learning paths and earn as many certificates as you choose.

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