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Microsoft® Excel® Basics

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This Learning Path will cover some of the basics in Mircosoft® Excel®

Our Mircosoft® Excel® Basics Learning Path is a great way to learn some of the quick tips that make working with Mircosoft Excel® easier. Courses in this learning path are selected to provide up-to-date relevant training that helps understand basic functions, formatting and editing as well as working with charts and graphs. 

The courses that we have selected for this certificate are presented in OnDemand format. Each course was previously recorded live and is presented in our OnDemand presentation tool that tracks your participation and completion. Every Lorman course is taught by professionals that are experts in the industry.

Earning the Mircosoft® Excel® Basics Certificate will give you the ability to showcase your continued effort to improve your knowledge and understanding of Mircosoft® Excel®.

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Microsoft® Excel® Basics Courses

OnDemand Course
Excel® Tips: Time-Saving Tricks and Hints
Excel® Tips: Time-Saving Tricks and Hints
OnDemand Course
Utilizing Graphs and Charts in Microsoft® Excel®
Utilizing Graphs and Charts in Microsoft® Excel®
OnDemand Course
Microsoft® Excel® Formatting Issues and Techniques
Microsoft® Excel® Formatting Issues and Techniques
OnDemand Course
Introduction to Excel for Beginners
Introduction to Excel for Beginners
OnDemand Course
Editing in Excel for Beginners
Editing in Excel for Beginners
Of Professional Training
Courses and counting
Served and counting

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have to complete the courses?
Once the Learning Path is started, you will have 90 days to complete the coursework for the certificate. Courses can still be completed after the 90 days, certificates however are only presented if courses are completed within 90 days of registration.
What devices can I use to take the course?
Courses are available to be taken on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.
When will I receive my certificate?
Once the coursework is completely finished, you will be able to download the printable certificate in your account. Please contact us at 866-352-9539 if you cannot access the certificate.
How many learning paths can I do?
You can take as many learning paths and earn as many certificates as you choose.

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