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Law enforcement officials have an important job to do. They protect us and keep our communities safe from harm. Because these professionals have such a demanding job, their training requirements are particularly extensive.

They must understand weapons, mental health issues, community issues, substance abuse, interpersonal interactions, high-speed driving and more. All states require law enforcement professionals to get ongoing training and continuing education to ensure professionals use firearms safely and have the latest information they need to do their job.

Lorman Education Services offers law enforcement training courses for agents and officers interested in furthering their careers, meeting continuing education requirements and honing their skills. If you are a professional in the law enforcement field, you probably don't have much free time. Lorman Education Services understands that, which is why we offer online, on-demand and archived training materials. You can study on your own time, in the field and even on the go.

Why Try Online Law Enforcement Training Courses?

Law-enforcement officials spend a lot of time in the field, and community members rely on them to be available in emergency situations at any time. Unfortunately, this demanding schedule can make on-site training a challenge. With online education, officers can learn quickly and efficiently, letting them get back to work protecting our neighborhoods.

Lorman Education Services offers a range of training courses and materials. With Lorman Education Services, law enforcement agents and officers can choose from MP3s, audio books, on-demand training, archived training, articles, white papers and more. Whether someone learns best through group visual training, audio materials, reading or another format, they have the option of choosing the training that best suits their needs. In addition, Lorman Education Services materials let professionals study at their own pace and on their own time via a tablet, phone or computer.

Law enforcement officers can secure an All-Access Pass from Lorman Education Services, which allows them to secure unlimited training for one year at one fixed price. Access includes all current training materials and all upcoming materials over a year. Lorman Education Services also offers on-site training, personalized training options and shorter-term training memberships, so you can secure the education and training you need.

Get a Thorough Education With Lorman

With thousands of titles, Lorman Education Services covers every subject in your area, and new material is released all the time. All Lorman Education Services training materials are developed by leaders in their field, so you are always learning from the best and brightest.

No matter what areas you need to focus on, Lorman Education Services stands by you with the education solutions you need, designed to work for your demanding professional life. That’s why more than 1.4 million professionals have already turned to Lorman Education Services for their training needs.

Whether you are starting your career and you need an edge or you're an experienced officer who wants to take your career to the next level, Lorman Education Services provides the training you need for state ongoing education requirements and for professional development. Sign up for a Lorman Education Services All-Access Pass today to get started with your training.

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