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Law enforcement information training is required to give law enforcement professionals the skills they need in their competitive field. Additional training can help officers ensure security in their jobs and allows professionals to pursue career trajectories best suited for their skills. Training also helps officers meet state certification and ongoing training requirements, and allows them to learn about best practices and the best ways to proceed in emergency situations.

Law-enforcement officials have both a dangerous job and one that comes with many risks. In many cases, law enforcement officials need to make emergency decisions in a fraction of a second. Professional training ensures law enforcement officials have the skills and knowledge they need to make decisions quickly and efficiently, thus helping keep entire communities safe. Proper training also ensures officers and agents understand the always-changing regulatory environment they work in.

For decades, we have assisted some 1.4 million professionals in findng training to excel in their jobs. Professionals have turned to Lorman Education Services to further their careers and to secure state-mandated training and for professional development.

For law enforcement, Lorman Education Services offers a range of titles covering everything from weapons training to dealing with emergency situations, so law enforcement professionals can choose those subjects that interest them most and are required for their position.

Why Choose Lorman Education Services for Online Law Enforcement Information Training?

Lorman Education Services works with only the best and brightest minds in each field, ensuring educational materials reflect the highest standards. In addition, Lorman Education Services releases new training materials regularly, ensuring information is kept up-to-date and relevant. Since everyone studies and learns a little bit differently, Lorman Education Services offers training in a variety of formats, including:

No matter how you like to study, Lorman Education Services makes it easy for you to secure training materials you can use. Best of all, these materials are available on your own time, so you can learn at your own pace. Whether you want to study in your cruiser, at the office, at home or in another location, Lorman Education Services materials can be accessed from your phone, tablet, computer or favorite mobile device.

Find the Best Choice for Your Continuing Education

Why do law enforcement professionals turn to Lorman Education Services? They know they can rely on Lorman Education Services for quality and relevant, current training materials designed to make studying a little easier. If you want to learn from the best and want breadth as well as depth in your training, Lorman Education Services is the flexible choice developed for your career field.

If you're ready to take your career to the next level or want to secure the training required by your state, visit Lorman Education Services to learn more about the All Access Pass, which gives you a year of materials with no limits. You can study as much as you want for a full year, ensuring you get current and latest releases of educational materials. Or check out our shorter-term memberships or even on-site training for your entire team.

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