Interview Training for Managers

Interview training for managers helps you expand your career opportunities.

Interviewing has become more important than ever in the competitive business landscape. Recruiting the right talent for your organization is crucial if you want an edge in business. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to compare highly competitive and seemingly talented potential candidates on paper. Resumes and application letters are often heavily edited and may even be written by someone other than the applicant. These applications do not necessarily reflect the candidate's personality, their ability to work with your existing team or their ability to perform well under pressure.

Interviews can provide all this information and more — as long as an interviewer is competent and understands the best practices for maximizing interview time while gathering the right information.

Online Interview Training for Managers and Other Professionals

Lorman Education Services offers a range of interview training for managers, business owners and other professionals who need to recruit and interview candidates. Whether you are a partner in a law firm, an HR professional, a small business owner or anyone in a position to hire another person, strong interview skills ensure you don't make possibly costly hiring mistakes. Whether you are seeking a new executive or want to hire a personal assistant, good interview skills will help you succeed at your highest level. Strong interview skills training can help you more easily separate highly skilled candidates from those who will make the biggest positive impact at your company.

Expanding Your Skills and Opportunities

Gaining strong interview skills can help you expand your career opportunities. Whether you are a manager or other professional, being able to uncover the right candidates can help you expand your organization's effectiveness. Knowing how to frame interview questions, make the most of limited interview time and forge good relationships between your organization and interview subjects will go a long way toward helping you build teams that get the job done.

Interviewing skill is actually composed of several skills. It includes:

Proper interview training can help you will all of these skills and more, preparing you for the rigorous task of speaking with and screening candidates. If you need help honing your interview skills so you can expand your career opportunities and build better teams, Lorman Education Services offers training options in a variety of formats. Our training options include online training, articles, case studies, white papers, MP3s, audiobooks, on-demand training, archived training and more.

You can always access our resource library with an All-Access Pass, allowing you to study at any time. You also have the flexibility of signing up for individual programs to brush up on your skills. Lorman Education Services even offers custom and on-site services if you need to train an entire department.

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