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Interview techniques training helps you hone the professional skills you need as part of any recruiting and screening process.

Managers and recruiters who interview potential candidates need to consider not only talent but also compliance. One of the goals of the employment interview is to find the right talent for your organization. A good interview should go well beyond the application and the candidate’s resume to really uncover a candidate’s goals, mission, personality and more. Based on your findings, you can make an educated decision about hiring.

In addition to this, however, interviewers today need to be extremely careful not to ask questions which are prohibited due to anti-discrimination laws. Any questions that can be seen as violating these laws could result in serious penalties and legal claims. Keeping your interviews in full compliance is a key part of any successful interview.

Online Interview Techniques Training Help You Become a Stronger Interviewer

To learn current laws surrounding interviews as well as interview best practices, Lorman Education Services offers a range of interview techniques training options for you.

Our training fits into your busy life because we allow you to train for your next interview from any place with an internet connection. You can hone your skills at any time. Whether on the way to your next interview or at home and trying to come up with interview questions, if you have an internet connection and a Lorman Education Services membership, you can start the training you need to become a stronger interviewer today.

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A successful employment interview requires a knowledge of best practices, laws and the questions which can be used to uncover the right fit for an organization. A highly trained interviewer is someone who understands the best questions to ask and the right ways to ask them to elicit the most honest and insightful responses. The skilled interviewer also understands current laws and those questions which cannot be asked due to anti-discrimination legislation.

Good interviewers also understand how to carefully analyze and notice all parts of a response, including nonverbal cues so they can glean more information from every minute of an interview.

The right training can help you become a stronger interviewer, whether you’re a highly skilled manager with extensive experience or a new business owner who has never hired anyone and never interviewed a candidate before. Lorman Education Services offers training for all levels of professionals so we can meet you where you are right now. As long as you have access to a mobile device with an internet connection, you can access the Lorman Education Services resource library. It's full of training materials to help you fine-tune your interviewing techniques so every minute of your interviews lends new insights you can use to make better hiring decisions.

The Lorman Education Services resource library has thousands of titles in formats such as articles, on-demand training, archived training, audio materials and more. You can study on your own time and in the format that makes sense for you. Sign up for an All-Access Pass today or try one of our individual training options to start training immediately.

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