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International Law Continuing Legal Education Including Live Online Presentations, On-demand Resources and Bookstore Products

In today’s global business climate, many companies must expand the scope of their operations overseas to remain competitive. This requires a sound understanding of business practices and laws as they pertain to the international marketplace. Lorman Education Services is your one-stop source for informative international law continuing legal education programs that will help you stay current and compliant.

Online International Law Training Covering a Wide Variety of Topics

Our international law training courses encompass the essential topics that all global companies need to know. You’ll discover the nuances of international law as they apply to developing countries with emerging economies and more established nations. Topic examples range from international criminal and environmental law to the various legal and ethical challenges that are a part of doing business in a foreign land. You’ll also gain an understanding of the many compliance issues that impact overseas commerce.

Save Time by Pursuing International Law Continuing Education Online

By completing your international law training online, you save time that you would otherwise spend on traveling to off-site seminars. You can “attend” our live virtual training events simply by preregistering and logging in at the appointed time. These engaging live presentations focus on specific aspects of international law. You’ll also find a wealth of on-demand materials that enable a self-directed learning experience. These resources are available around the clock for your convenience.

Nearly 30 Years of Continuing Education Expertise

Over the course of three decades, Lorman Education Services has helped more than 1.4 million busy professionals reach their compliance and career goals. Our continuing education programs can also help you develop valuable skills that will improve your job performance.

Please take a look at our current selection of international law continuing legal education courses and feel free to contact us for more program information.

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