International Law Distance Learning

International law online distance learning may help you get the training you need to fully support your legal clients.

International law involves agreements, disputes, regulations and compliance issues across borders. A solid grounding in this area of law is essential whether you want to hire talent from around the world, want to sell products in other countries, want to have a website that goes mobile or want to launch a product with customers around the world.

Whether you are a legal professional, business executive or are in another industry entirely, international law likely affects you.

Lorman Education Services offers on-the-go international law distance learning that lets you learn on your own time from any mobile device or computer. Learn new skills at your own pace or just brush up on the basics of international law that you already possess.

With Lorman Education Services, you set the schedule so you so you don't have to spend hours studying subjects that don't interest you or hours commuting to and from lessons. Lorman Education Services also allows you to learn from the very best and brightest legal minds. We’re also always updating our training so you get the most recent information about international law developments from talented professionals who can teach you best practices and how to avoid common mistakes in this area of law.

Gain a Career Advantage With International Law Online Distance Learning

Whether you are at the start of your career or are looking for new opportunities, a solid grounding in the international market is an asset. Today, every business and company, no matter how small, has the potential to encounter international legal questions when selling to international customers, dealing with international services or businesses and when signing cross-border agreements.

When it comes to meeting international tax requirements, resolving cross-border disputes or handling cybersecurity in different jurisdictions, a solid grounding in international law is vital in today's complicated business world. If you are a legal professional or a hiring professional, having a strong understanding of international law can help you support your clients and can help you make the right decisions for your organization.

In the private, public and nonprofit sectors, international law is a key subject area. Having an understanding of this area can help you succeed professionally, expand your business offerings beyond your country and stay fully compliant to avoid significant penalties and fees.

Training the Right Way

If you'd like to study international law, you don't have to devote weeks or months away from your professional life. Lorman Education Services ensures you get convenient 24/7 access to the training materials you need via your phone, laptop, tablet or any mobile device with an internet connection. Our training products are available on your favorite devices so you can study anytime and anywhere it's convenient for you.

Our learning is very hands-on, ensuring you get a thorough grounding in international law and you get to meet your CLE requirements if you're a legal professional. With more than 30 years of experience, we have had more than 1.4 million professionals turn to us. We understand what it takes to build strong training materials that can help you in this complex subject area.

Whether you need training developed by the best minds, the most up-to-date training or flexible learning opportunities, Lorman Education Services is a great option for you. Sign up for an All-Access Pass to get one full year of access with no limits at one low price. Or, you can purchase individual international training solutions. We also offer customized on-site training for you or your entire team.

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