International Law Courses

For attorneys, paralegals and other professionals, international law courses online are a practical way to serve clients better.

International law is now crucial for nearly every industry. No matter your area of business, you likely deal with clients who are not from your country. Even if you only have a one-person business with a website, chances are good you get views from around the world. Understanding how to deal with laws beyond your borders can be an essential part of your business success.

If you are a legal professional, some of your clients may have questions that go beyond your jurisdiction. Some family law cases, for instance, may involve one parent who lives in another country or a business dispute may involve marketing laws from another nation. Having a solid understanding of international law and best practices can be a powerful advantage for you professionally, by helping you serve your clients better.

If you would like to get a solid grounding in international law, Lorman Education offers a number of training options to help you. Our training takes place online, allowing you to get easy access no matter where you live and work. Even if you have a very hectic professional schedule, our training allows you to study where you are. Whether you want to listen to audio training on your way to work or want to be able to take part in interactive training on the weekends, we can help you.

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Expand Your Opportunities Today With International Law Courses Online

If you're a business leader, learning international law allows you to take advantage of international agreements or expand your offerings beyond the country. It also allows you to stay safe legally and remain fully compliant even as you expand your offerings to a more global audience. If you are a legal professional, a strong understanding of international law allows you to add practice areas to your law firm and allows you to serve a wider range of clients.

No matter your industry or your profession, a good understanding of international law also makes you more competitive in your field and can pave the way for new opportunities in the public and private sectors as well as at nonprofit organizations.

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Whether you want to meet CLE requirements or just wish to expand your knowledge of international laws or specific areas of international legal matters, Lorman Education Services can help. Sign up today or register for individual sessions to start learning immediately.

We only work with the best and brightest professionals in the legal field. And since international laws are ever-changing, we’re constantly adding more resources and updating them so you get the most comprehensive and powerful training possible.

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